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Meet Kristi

My Journey
Kristi Nordquist

My journey is one of perseverance and dedication. On January 26th 1982 I Had a Brain aneurysm which partially paralyzed the right side of my body. I still have some limitations and weakness to this day. In addition, I am a breast cancer survivor. When I took a cancer class, it was recommended that I do yoga. Thus my yoga journey begin. I started at the Dharma Room in 2011, taking yoga and meditation classes. In 2015 I found 4th Avenue yoga, I started participating in one class and quickly move to three classes a week. I am getting a lot stronger! BIG IMPROVEMENTS! 4th Avenue yoga has become my healing sanctuary.

I love this yoga studio! It's a friendly, welcoming, and peaceful place to grow my practice." ~ Kristi

4th Avenue Yoga, 1815 S. 4th Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57105